I benefitted from old-school-rigorous teaching in the use of English (in the days when the semicolon was revered but before the bullet-point had been invented).

Here are some examples of my ability to write in different styles – academic, journalistic, even occasionally humorous.

Occasional articles

Metro blog

  • I blog for Metro newspaper; you can see my contributions here.

Inventors’ Inbox

An ongoing series of articles for the IET‘s E&T magazine, co-written with Mark Sheahan.

Project management articles at Tech Republic

  • Imagine the features of an ideal PM tool  [2003-02-19]
  • Objects for projects: OOP’s domination of procedural programming   [2003-02-13]
  • Tame these 10 types of techies  [2003-02-07]
  • How stupid questions can lead to smart answers   [2003-02-06]
  • Scavenge resources when cuts threaten to derail your project   [2003-02-05]
  • How to help your team focus on details, avoid errors   [2003-01-30]
  • Three top tips for surviving open source projects   [2003-01-23]
  • How to respond when clients make things difficult   [2003-01-22]
  • What’s senior management’s view of your project?   [2003-01-17]
  • Promote project management’s image   [2003-01-16]
  • Simple tool can help evaluate innovative opportunities   [2003-01-09]
  • Transform project impossible into project plausible   [2003-01-08]
  • Tidy up loose ends with a ‘project amnesty’   [2002-12-19]
  • Use forensics to analyze a failed project   [2002-12-18]
  • How to keep your team focused on results   [2002-12-12]
  • Are self-organizing projects right around the corner?   [2002-12-05]
  • Welcome to your new job in HR   [2002-11-21]
  • Is it time to change your project management tool?   [2002-11-14]
  • So many conferences, so little time   [2002-11-07]
  • A feasibility study: Can you manage it?   [2002-10-31]
  • Decisions, decisions: Make them timely, wisely, and responsibly   [2002-10-24]
  • Improve client relations by dispelling PM myths  [2002-10-17]
  • Revive a beached project without losing your cool   [2002-10-10]
  • Is your career still on the critical path?   [2002-10-03]
  • Use an inventive approach when working with ‘Creatives’   [2002-09-19]
  • Safety-critical projects: Can formal methods help?  [2002-09-12]
  • Build a release checklist to track software development  [2002-09-05]
  • Manage your time as well as you manage your project  [2002-08-29]
  • True confessions: What’s your biggest project management mistake?  [2002-08-22]

Project management articles at Builder.com

Personal writing (and speaking)

  • On loving ‘Le Mans’: a guest post at that elusive clarity.
  • There’s an interview with me at thatelusiveclarity.breakstep.com.
  • “Since St John’s” a short piece for the St John’s College Alumni/Development blog
  • Some personal pieces can be found at pruck.com.
  • My blog about cars and especially the Porsche 911 (996) is here classactiondesigns.com.
  • Here is an interview I did, about selling inventions, with the good folk at Workshopshopshed.com .
  • I have done some voice-over work, such as this.
  • My first novel, an alternative history set in WW2, is for sale here.
  • “Thermal Dance Automaton” Meccano Society of Scotland Newsletter,  #106, April 2018
  • Dr Sprocket’s Notebook: an ongoing series of blog posts in support of the Crieff Cloverleaf touring routes.
  • A slideshow talk, at the Overland ’22 event, on the subject of a motorcycle tour of Nepal


  • I have, surprisingly, had this poem accepted for publication in Red Squirrel’s Split Screen anthology, edited by Andy Jackson.

Book reviews


Technical and peer-reviewed publications

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  • US Patent application number US 62/139,048 Smoke alarm add-on device.

Google Scholar citation information is available here.