I’m Patrick Andrews – product designer, vehicle restorer and parent. If you are in need of some genuinely novel product ideas, you can read some testimonials and hire me here.

I have worked in management consultancies (PA Consulting in the 80s and Generics in the 90s) and high-tech startups in addition to Academe (as a downtrodden postdoc). I continue to tutor in Maths and Physics.

I’m the co-founder of Hawkshaw Innovation, an agency specialising in creating and commercialising intellectual property.

Additionally, I advise startups and spinouts on how to stay commercially buoyant, based on my experience of the international technology business. In which vein, I’m a Director of Fidgety Lizard Ltd. and of Sprocket&Spark Ltd, organisers of various tourism activities, such as this.

Almost every day for seven years, I thought up, and gave away, a new invention at Invention of the Day.

My other interests (and inner psyche) can be scrutinised via:

Bookmarks: https://pinboard.in/u:patrickandrews
Web: www.hawkshawinnovation.com
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Quora: www.quora.com/profile/Patrick-Andrews