Happy Hour


This is a painting based on the Steve McQueen movie, LeMans, a film for which I have a huge affection. Just before this scene, the finishing line is shown. A clock indicates that it is four O’Clock. This seems like nonsense, however, since the race runs from 3pm Saturday until 3pm Sunday. Maybe it’s just another of the many inconsistencies in the movie (such as cars which magically change from being dirty to clean -without a pitstop).

I entitled the picture Happy Hour because that is a modern name for the period after dawn when visibility suddenly improves and pit crews start to anticipate the finish line.

This was my first effort with acrylics. My only real difficulty with them is the variable translucency from hue to hue. Also, I’m not sure that my occasional use of sandpaper is an accepted artistic technique. The picture is the best part of 2m in width.