As a teenager, I became aware that I was a victim of the way women looked. They had a huge power over me – especially blondes with too much make-up. There is something I still don’t understand about facial geometry that used to overrule my better judgement – regularly. It’s certainly not just skin deep in terms of my reaction to it. Understanding the power of faces has motivated both my attempts at portraiture and some of my scientific research.

I’m no fan of explaining art. Good art is about communicating an emotional message effectively. If it needs an essay alongside, then it’s not very valuable. I assembled this when I was about 18, I think (long before Photoshop, when cut-and-paste were real). My guess is that I was trying to say something about the fact that facial beauty is a compelling form of advertising, camouflaging the standard mechanisms of anatomy… or something.

Anyway, I’ve since grown to distrust facial beauty quite as much as I distrust other forms of advertising.

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